Commercial / Leisure

With ever increasing costs for materials and labour, construction companies are actively changing to new construction methods incorporating external insulation and rendered finishes. With quick build steel frames and panel systems, contractors are able to greatly reduce build times and costs. Following application of the external sheathing the structure can also be enclosed very quickly, allowing internal works to be started immediately.

Applying external insulated render systems has a number of advantages. Much greater thermal efficiency can be easily achieved and the designer can easily incorporate significant thicknesses of insulation to achieve U-values which would be extremely difficult to reach with traditional methods. From a contractual point of view, savings can be also achieved in reducing scaffolding and build costs and with the new silicone thin coat render systems the client is able to design a building with a real colourful flair and achieve a modern aesthetic façade.

The rendered elevations can also be offset with other finishes such as brick or stone cladding or other façade features if required. Wetherby have worked with a vast amount of well known companies on commercial projects using our innovative insulated render systems. Such as; Aldi, Next, Costa, Travel Lodge, Premier Inn, Hilton etc.

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