Wimpey No Fines Houses – Charford

The Charford Estate was built in the early 1960s to house locally employed migrant workers moving to the area after the Second World War.  The properties are Wimpey No Fines houses and flats that are notoriously difficult to heat, expensive to run and suffer from damp.  The estate had developed a bad reputation and was perceived as having anti-social behavioural problems.  Bromsgrove District Housing Trust set out to transform the estate from an unattractive development with a bad reputation, into an attractive and secure environment with modern energy efficient homes.

To insulate the exteriors of the homes Wetherby Silicone Insulated Render System incorporating 50mm phenolic insulation was the ideal solution as the thermal properties of the insulation considerably reduced the U-values of the houses from 2.44W/m²K to an impressive 0.35W/m²K meaning that the properties would be much easier and cheaper to heat.

Basecoat, primer and 1.5mm silicone render in a range of bright colours was applied to the insulation to give the properties a modern fresh look and increase their ‘kerb appeal’.

Project Type

Domestic Refurbishment – Non Traditional Housing


Bromsgrove District Housing Trust

System Installer

SERS Limited


BM3 Architecture Limited


Bullock Construction