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The external appearance of a building is truly an important aspect, especially to its residents, yet increasingly, with the rapid depletion of the world’s energy resources, high profile environmental issues such as climate change, are beginning to take precedence over aesthetic preferences and stringent legislation demands that the thermal performance of any building is strictly governed.

External Wall Insulation is the perfect solution to this problem.

External Wall Insulation was introduced to Britain in the 1960’s, yet it would be fair to say that it has taken time to establish itself. However, over the last ten years, the Decent Homes Standards and Part ‘L’ of the Building Regulations have significantly increased insulation standards and the demand for more innovative solutions for renovating properties, increasing thermal performance and reducing carbon emissions.

The system involves the mechanical and/or adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a building, which is then covered with a mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish. This layered method encases the property and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily from the property.

All of the Wetherby systems allow architects to confidently specify a range of flexible building solutions that not only conform to current building regulations and energy standards, but offers a wide choice of final finishes to fully meet the clients aesthetic expectations.


The Wetherby guide to external wall insulation

The Wetherby guide to external wall insulation



  • Are a cost effective alternative to demolition & rebuild
  • Reduce unnecessary heat loss & CO² emissions
  • Reduce condensation
  • Protect and prolong the external fabric of a building
  • Offer high impact resistance
  • Offer superb weather resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Do not reduce footprint of a property
  • Have a 30 year life expectancy
  • Have a positive effect on the environment
Image of property before and after refurbishment


Wetherby Refurbishment Brochure