Epsitec (SFS, EPS insulation, silicone)


  •  Securely fix cement particle board to the steel frame, ensuring that manufacturers instructions are closely followed for fixing types, fixing pattern, joint widths etc.
  •  Seal all board joints with Wetherby silicone sealant.
  •  Mechanically fix the EPSITEC cavity spacer track at a maximum of 600mm vertical centres, with approved mechanical fixings.
  • NB: extra track will be required around window and door openings.
  •  Mechanically fix drainage deflector beads and cavity intumescent closer strips (fire stops) at specified positions, using approved mechanical fixings.
  •  Mechanically fix insulation boards onto spacer track, using a staggered bonding pattern, ensuring that all vertical board joints align with the spacer track.
  •  Mix basecoat to a pliable consistency and trowel apply initial coat to insulation boards at a thickness of 4-5mm.
  •  Bed in alkali resistant reinforcing mesh into top third of basecoat, ensuring that an overlap of 75mm is achieved. Apply additional stress patches and corner reinforcements across all window and door openings at 45° angles.
  •  When basecoat is set, apply an additional layer of basecoat and smooth out with a damp dry lining sponge.
  •  Apply Wetherby primer (colour to match final texture coat) in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  •  Thoroughly mix the Wetherby Silicone texture finish to a uniform consistency.
  •  Apply in a continuous motion always working to a wet edge.

Provided strictly for guidance purposes only. For technical support please call 0800 107 32 99.