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The Votec Centre in Newbury has been given a much needed make over with the help of Wetherby’s Modular Brick Slip System.

The Votec Centre provides office space to numerous companies and after a recent inspection from the developers it was apparent the building required necessary remedial work in order to bring it back in line with current building regulations.

Wall Coatings Ltd were contracted to carry out the works which began by stripping the building back to its original substrate. Once complete, Wall Coatings Ltd approached Wetherby for a suitable, cost effective façade system and after careful consideration, Wetherby’s Modular Brick Slip System was chosen for the project.

Modular construction has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its flexibility in manufacturing precision designed units in controlled factory environments. Due to the materials utilised, it also allows for speed of production meaning the process is suitable for a variety of application methods. Whilst the units for this project were already onsite it has still meant by choosing Wetherby’s Modular façade system disruption to the office workers is kept to a minimum as the installation process is dramatically reduced.

Wetherby’s modular brick slip system utilises a unique tongue and groove interlocking, high density EPS insulation board to provide superior strength, high impact resistance and protection against water ingress. The insulation boards are ribbed to provide the course for the brick slips ensuring they can be applied quickly, in line and level which significantly reduces installation time and the need for skilled labour. This project was completed with Wetherby’s 15mm bricks slips in shade Camargo which has provided the units with a new modern aesthetic which will not only provide the office workers with a comfortable office environment but the improved energy efficiency throughout will also provide enable a remarkably warmer building that is now in line with current building regulations.

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