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Internal Brick Slip Cladding

Brick Slips, also referred to as: brick tiles, brick veneers and brick cladding.

Most brick slips on the market comprise of an acrylic brick finish, however, Wetherby brick slips are fired at a slim yet durable thickness of (7mm, 9mm or 15mm) in the exact same way traditional clay brick slips would be manufactured, offering a genuine and authentic brick finish for your brick interior.

While Wetherby are experts in external wall insulation systems and finishes, Wetherby brick slips are extremely versatile for both interior and exterior use.

Where traditional meets contemporary…

Brick Slips are fast becoming a trend for creating chic interior décor, or simply to compliment a property or buildings original features. With a wide range of brick slip colours and textures, Wetherby can help meet your design requirement.

Internal Brick Slips for DomesticBrick Slip Fire Place

Whether it is traditional or contemporary you are after, if you are looking for interior décor with a difference, brick slips are a perfect solution for creating a unique feature wall in your home. Popular home use for Wetherby brick slips include:

  • Chimney Breast
  • Feature Wall
  • Kitchen splashback
  • Bathrooms



Internal Brick Slips for CommercialCommercial Brick Slips

Designing a unique interior for a project? Wetherby brick slips can help achieve your desired look with a wide choice of colours and textures available, quick and application and a fast turnaround on delivery, we can help keep your projects on track.

  • Reception Desks
  • Backdrops
  • Ceilings
  • Feature Walls

Wetherby brick slips can be matched to a project exterior, for a continuous theme and design throughout the building, creating an authentic exposed brick look.

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Internal Brick Slip Range

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 Estepona  Hermosa
 Montado  Parador
 Penina  Terramar  Cannon
 Salgardo  Tivoli