7mm & 9mm Brick Slips

7mm & 9mm brick slips

7mm & 9mm Brick Slips 

Wetherby 7mm / 9mm Brick Slips are available in a wide range of colours and textures.

Our immensely popular 15mm Brick Slip Cladding System is still going from strength to strength, however in response to market demand for a simpler, more cost effective ‘real brick slip’ solution, we introduced an alternative Wetherby Thin Brick Slip System.


Unlike other brick slip systems currently available, which often comprise of an acrylic brick finish, Wetherby brick slips are manufactured and fired at a 7mm thickness, in exactly the same way as traditional clay bricks, essentially offering a hard wearing, genuine brick finish.

A Brick Slip Solution

The Wetherby 7mm brick cladding system is considered the ideal solution for social landlords facing complex planning constraints, where the newly proposed facade of a property must remain in keeping with the original and surrounding buildings, often requiring brick slip matching to existing bricks.

It’s also the perfect solution for private homeowners who want to take advantage of the energy saving benefits of an External Wall Insulation system, but who want to retain the look of their original brick facade. If you require a specific brick slip that you do not see here, or indeed if would like to match some existing bricks, please contact our Sales Department who will be more than happy to help you.

Wetherby  Brick Slip System Unit Coverage Rate
Pointing Mortar for Brick Slips 25kg bag 9 – 10m² per bag
7mm/9mm Brick Slips Varies 60 number per m²
7mm Pistol Corner Brick Slips Varies 14 number per linear m















7mm Colour Options

2421rs - Anoreta

2421rs – Anoreta

2424 - Hermosa

2424 – Hermosa

2459hl - Laguna

2459hl – Laguna

2426 - Parador

2426 – Parador

2404 - Almenara

2404 – Almenara

2421 - Estepona

2421 – Estepona

2400 - Benamor

2400 – Benamor

2420sw - Coruna

2420sw – Coruna

2402 - Montado

2402 – Montado

2427 - Penina

2427 – Penina

2425n - Terramar

2425n – Terramar

7mm Minimum Order Quantity Range 700m2

9mm Colour Options

700 - Cannon Blue

700 – Cannon Blue

100 - White Smooth

100 – White Smooth

220 - Terracotta Smooth

220 – Terracotta Smooth

227 - Manchester Red*

227 – Manchester Red*

228 - Golborne*

228 – Golborne*

286 - Weathered Buff*

286 – Weathered Buff*

287 - Canela

287 – Canela

297 - London Multi Buff Textured

297 – London Multi Buff Textured

332 - Aldburgh*

332 – Aldburgh*

335 - Tivoli

335 – Tivoli

387 - Melbourne*

387 – Melbourne*

400 - Red Smooth

400 – Red Smooth

435 - Merrion*

435 – Merrion*

800 - Titanium Smooth

800 – Titanium Smooth

436 - Kingston

436 – Kingston

440 - Chicago

440 – Chicago

480 - Salgardo*

480 – Salgardo*

487 - Light Red Textured

487 – Light Red Textured

488 - Light Red Multi Textured

488 – Light Red Multi Textured

500 - Brown Smooth

500 – Brown Smooth

9mm Minimum Order Quantity Range 1000m2  (Colour options with * are only available in 9mm range)


brick slip sample


Pistol Corner bricks also available.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that all images of colours and samples within this website have been photographed and displayed as accurately as screen colours will allow and that slight variations in colour will almost certainly occur. Printed pages are also highly unlikely to give an accurate representation of colour or finish due to the hardware and ink colour diversity. Wetherby Brick Slips are manufactured using natural clay products, therefore slight differences in actual colour can occur, therefore we suggest that boxes of brick slips are mixed thoroughly on-site prior to application. We highly recommend that physical samples are obtained prior to the ordering of materials. All colours are subject to availability.