Wetherby Launches Unique Solution to Rendering in Adverse Weather Conditions



EpsiCoat_Mineral_Render_PLUS_LogoIn a first for the industry, Wetherby Building Systems, the leading manufacturer and distributor of external wall insulation (EWI), has launched a new mineral render which will significantly reduce installation times for contractors and installers, revolutionising external rendering in the UK.


EpsiCoat_BBAUnlike anything currently available in the UK, Wetherby’s EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS has been specifically designed to combat the issues associated with installing EWI in damp and humid conditions. To ensure the successful application of external render, it needs to be installed in the right atmospheric conditions; if the conditions are too wet, humid or cold, traditional renders suffer from extended drying times leaving them open to damage from rain and frost – a big problem for EWI installations across the UK.

EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS boasts a unique formulation which relies on a chemical reaction during the curing process, unlike traditional renders, such as silicone, which set by air drying. The new product is rain resistant in just two hours and touch dry in three hours, meaning the unique render is less susceptible to delamination and wash-offs in cold and wet conditions, helping to reduce delays on-site to ensure projects meet ever-stricter deadlines.

EpsiCoat-Mineral-Render-Drying-TimesA unique, pre-coloured mineral render, EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS does not require any over-staining, further reducing application times. Available in eight popular colours, Wetherby has ensured that the product can complement any design scheme for either new build or refurbishment projects and with no source
of lime present in the product formulation, end clients can be confident the
finished result will not suffer from lime bloom and discolouration.

Commenting on the new product launch which comes with full BBA approval, Joe Ragdale, Technical Manager at Wetherby, said: “Everyone is very excited about this product, as there is currently nothing else like it available – it promises to change working practices in cold and damp weather and increase the available days throughout the year that render can be applied.

“We have developed this product in line with the needs of our customers and with so many contractors and installers suffering from wash-offs through some of the wettest conditions the UK has ever seen, we wanted to develop a solution that addressed this very real problem. The response from the industry has exceeded our expectations and we have already been inundated with requests for the product before it has been launched.”

Trials of the product have been extremely successful among contractors and installers in the industry, as Dean Miller, Regional Director at Hamilton (Building Contractors) Ltd, explains: “We applied Wetherby’s EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS before a very heavy rain downpour and it did not experience one bit of rain damage … after about two hours of application the rain was running down the surface.

“It really is a fantastic product and due to the wet weather we endured on this project, without switching to this render we would not have got the project finished on time. I have no doubt this product will revolutionise the way we work in cold and wet weather conditions.”

EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS is available NOW!
For further information – visit the EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS product page