Cross party panel adds to the Green Deal debate!

A cross-party panel of MPs has this week echoed the argument for the government to introduce incentives to encourage uptake of the Green Deal scheme, which has so far struggled to make the impact originally promised by the government.

The report, issued by an expert panel set up by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment, revealed concerns that the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) schemes would actually deliver reductions in carbon emissions slower than the previous CESP and CERT schemes that they replaced.

Surely the government cannot ignore this issue any more and needs to start to listen to the different parties that are calling for action. It is clear the schemes are not working in their current format and despite various recommendations for new incentives to increase uptake, so far the government has not taken any steps towards implementing such proposals.

The strength in this latest report comes from it being sanctioned by cross-party MPs and should be listened to. Month on month, DECC’s statistics for works being undertaken under Green Deal and ECO schemes make for disappointing reading and if the targets are to be met by 2015 the government can simply not wait any longer, action needs to be taken now.