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Branding Usage


The Wetherby logo is the most visible and recognizable expression of the Wetherby brand. We understand and appreciate that outside parties may want to show affiliation with Wetherby. However, use of the corporate logo to imply affiliation with or endorsement by Wetherby without express written permission from Wetherby is strictly prohibited.


Wetherby have a copious amount of imagery displayed on the website and included in our printed materials. All the photographs and graphic (creative) designs included on this website, presentations and any downloadable or printed marketing materials are owned by and are the copyright of Wetherby Building Systems Ltd, except where otherwise stated, and cannot be copied, re-printed or used on any other website or marketing material without express permission.

Web Links

To add a link from an external website to www.wbs-ltd.co.uk permission must be requested through the download form on the branding usage page.

Requesting Permission

When downloading the permission form you will be asked a few short questions to help us determine what you are looking for and how you intend to use the material.

The form can be downloaded on the link below;

Permission Request Form

This request can then be sent to rachael.doyle@wbs-ltd.co.uk for approval.

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