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Branding Guidelines

Our “identity”

Our corporate identity is the face and personality we present to the global community and it’s as important as the products and services we provide. Our identity is the total effect of our logos, products, brand names, trademarks, advertising, brochures and presentations — everything that represents us as a company.

The purpose of these guidelines is to explain the use of the Wetherby brand style and to reinforce consistent application of the visual elements in all communications. This includes publications, presentations and all other marketing materials both online and offline. Guidelines on the use of our logo are also included.

Because our brand cannot be compromised, we’ve created this guide to provide all the pertinent specifications you may need to maintain its integrity. The guidelines set in this document are not meant to inhibit, but to improve the creative process. By following these guidelines, the materials you create will help represent our company cohesively.

Brand Identity Guidelines

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