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Brick shortage boosts Wetherby’s business

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 21, 2015

Wetherby Building Systems has seen its brick slip sales increase by 55% in the last six months following the widely reported brick shortage and lack of skilled bricklayers, which has led to specifiers, contractors and end clients looking for alternative solutions.

With brick manufacturers unable to keep up with demand following the upturn in the house building market, and new reports confirming skilled bricklayers are in short supply, enquiries regarding Wetherby’s brick slip systems have doubled in recent months. The external wall insulation manufacturer has supplied more than 1.5m of its new EpsiBrick-7 brick slips alone to both new
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GDHIF1 Voucher Deadline Extended to 31/03/2015

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 9, 2015

The two trade bodies for solid wall insulation, the National Insulation Association and INCA, have today reported that DECC will be extending the validity of vouchers already issued as part of the first phase of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), until 31st March 2015.

A very large number of vouchers that were issued as part GDHIF-1 (£120m) have not yet been redeemed for a variety of reasons and have missed the 6 month deadline for redemption.

This is excellent news and will enable many more householders that have applied for vouchers to have works completed and benefit from both the
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Housing revival creates 100,000 jobs in two years

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 5, 2015

New home registrations at highest level since 2007

More than 100,000 new jobs have been created in the UK by the increase in house building over the past two years, according to the Home Builders Federation.

About 44,000 more new homes were started in 2014 compared with 2012, just before the Help to Buy equity loan scheme was launched. Although official jobs data is not yet available, HBF has based its figure on industry estimates that every new home built creates 2.4 direct and supply chain jobs.

The news comes as NHBC releases statistics showing new home registrations rose to
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Renters and landlords to enjoy warmer properties and cheaper bills

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 5, 2015

DECC has today announced that up to 1 million tenants renting from a private landlord can look forward to warmer homes that cost less to heat, under new government plans.

This is welcome news for tenants, especially low-income and vulnerable households, many of whom are paying over the odds to heat their homes.

From April 2018, landlords will be required by law to get their leakiest properties to an energy efficiency rating of at least Band “E”. Estimates suggest that on average the difference in a heating bill from the least energy efficient properties and those with an energy rating Band
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INCA Launches Manifesto to Improve Energy Efficiency with EWI

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 3, 2015

The Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) has published a manifesto ahead of the General Election calling on any future Government to set out a clear role for external wall insulation (EWI) as part of a coherent energy efficiency strategy.

The INCA manifesto builds on the findings of the report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), Up Against the (Solid) Wall: What Changes to the ECO Mean for Energy Efficiency Policy, which demonstrates the substantial benefits of solid wall insulation for the UK, including the employment, health and social impacts on residents. INCA is calling for support for
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Wetherby supports Cold Homes Week!

By: Rachael Doyle   •   February 2, 2015

Today marks the start of Cold Homes Week, an initiative designed to call on political parties to commit to ending the UK’s cold homes crisis, and Wetherby is giving its full backing to the campaign.

The Energy Bill Revolution, an alliance of charities, trade unions, businesses and consumer groups all committed to ensuring warmer homes and lower energy bills for all, is behind the campaign to raise awareness of the cold homes crisis.

On average, 25,000 people die of the cold each year and at least a third of these deaths are due to living in cold homes. One of
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