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Winter Working Practices

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 22, 2014

Technical Manager Joe Ragdale offers valuable advice on the storage and application of Wetherby’s products & systems.

The wet and cold weather conditions we’re likely to sustain throughout the winter months can create many problems for rendering. Products and systems must be applied in the correct conditions and protected adequately to prevent system failures during this difficult period. I would like to make you aware of the best working practices during these months to reduce the risk of wash offs and product failures.



Firstly it is imperative that all WBS products are carefully stored and protected from frost.
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GDHIF Update from the NIA

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 17, 2014

By Neil Marshall – Chief Executive – National Insulation Association


As previously advised, the Government recently announced an additional £100m of funding for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in England and Wales, Green Homes Cashback in Scotland. Since then we have been in detailed discussions with Government officials about the design of the new scheme with a view to addressing issues that occurred with the original scheme when £120m ran out in just 6 weeks.

Please fund below an update:

The £100m is new, additional funding to be spent between the end of November 2014 and
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Energy Secretary set to announce £100m boost to Green Deal

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 7, 2014

Energy secretary to announce fresh £100m to reopen Green Deal cash-back incentive scheme

Ed Davey is set to announce a £100m boost to the Green Deal in a bid to drive take up of the struggling energy efficiency programme.

The energy secretary is expected to announce the boost at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow today, with the cash to be used to reopen the cash-back incentive scheme that was closed in July after the first £120m tranche of funding was used up.

Davey is expected to announce the fresh round up funding for the Green Deal Home
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