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Chippenham Homes Upgraded with Wetherby System

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 23, 2013

Sixty-three Cornish Type-1 homes in Chippenham are in the process of having a Wetherby EWI system installed, as part of an government backed energy saving scheme.

The houses were built in the 1950’s to address the United Kingdom’s post World War Two housing shortage. These particular precast reinforced concrete homes, which have medium-pitched hipped roofs, have been designated defective and are renowned for problems associated with severe horizontal and vertical cracking of the PRC columns, and cracking of the horizontal PC panels and the first floor ring beams. These properties also suffer from high roles of carbonation and significant
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Combating Winter Weather!

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 18, 2013

Joe Ragdale, Technical Manager for Wetherby Building Systems, discusses how to combat the issues with installing EWI in winter weather conditions

“As winter approaches, many refurbishment projects are likely to be delayed as winter weather conditions cause setbacks on site. This is a particular issue with external wall insulation (EWI) installations as these systems cannot typically be installed in cold, wet conditions.

The majority of EWI render solutions can only be applied in dry conditions with temperatures above 5°C, which poses a major problem for contractors and installers, who cannot afford downtime on projects that are delayed or for
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Government Schemes Boost Wetherby’s Sales

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 18, 2013

Golborne-based Wetherby Building Systems, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of external wall insulation (EWI) systems, is benefitting from the government’s new energy efficiency schemes as it sees turnover rocket by 232%.

The company has just released its 2012 figures, which reveal an increase in its annual turnover from £18.4m to £61m, with profits rising by 342% during the same period. The latest sales figures come on the back of three previous years of steady growth, with the company’s annual turnover now six times the £9.3m it achieved in 2009.

The dramatic increase in sales can be attributed
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Wetherby celebrates INCA win!

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 15, 2013

Wetherby have been celebrating at the annual Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) awards just recently as it scooped the top prize in the Domestic Refurbishment – Low Rise (5 houses or fewer) category.

The win was for a pilot project involving two houses in Warwickshire; 56 and 58 Elliot Drive, in which the two Wimpey No-Fines properties were retrofitted to different levels of energy performance in order to determine an optimum design for subsequent rollout.

Different levels of insulation thicknesses were applied to each property; the first utilised 100mm of Phenolic insulation to reduce annual energy consumption from
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Cross party panel adds to the Green Deal debate!

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 14, 2013

A cross-party panel of MPs has this week echoed the argument for the government to introduce incentives to encourage uptake of the Green Deal scheme, which has so far struggled to make the impact originally promised by the government.

The report, issued by an expert panel set up by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment, revealed concerns that the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) schemes would actually deliver reductions in carbon emissions slower than the previous CESP and CERT schemes that they replaced.

Surely the government cannot ignore this issue any more
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Wetherby issues warning to EWI installers

By: Rachael Doyle   •   October 5, 2013

Wetherby Building Systems, the UK’s leading provider of external wall insulation (EWI) systems, is advising all EWI contractors and installers to proceed with caution on-site following the conclusion of a recent court case between BT Openreach and an undisclosed EWI installer.

Due to the increase in EWI installations taking place under new government energy efficiency schemes, BT has experienced problems with its network when some EWI installers have undertaken work on BT apparatus themselves. This has involved the removal and re-attachment of cabling and fixings to the side of properties, or, in some cases, insulation has been applied directly over
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