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Recognised Contractors

Wetherby Recognised Contractor Scheme
Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

 “Wetherby Building Systems Limited” Hereafter referred to as ‘Wetherby Ltd’ or ‘The Company’.
 “Contractor” Any company or individual who undertakes the installation of any of Wetherby’s products and/or systems and who wishes to be considered for Recognised Contractor status.
“Recognised Contractor” Any company whose name resides on the Recognise Contractor Database and who has one or more Approved Applicators working on their behalf.
“Recognised Contractor List” The database containing details of companies holding Recognised Contractor Status.
“Approved Applicators” Individual trade operatives who have been trained in the application of one or a number of Wetherby’s products and/or systems and who possess a valid ID card.

2. Inclusion

2.1   Inclusion on the Wetherby Recognised Contractor List is wholly dependent on fulfilling the criteria set out in the Recognised Contractor Application Form, the submission of all the relevant documentation and the renewal of said documentation upon its expiry.

2.2   It is the responsibility of the Contractor to supply Wetherby Building Systems Ltd with the latest versions of documents requested as part of the original application. Wetherby Ltd will ensure that all documents are stored securely and confidentially (in accordance with our IT policy and data protection law), the information of which will be solely used as part of the ongoing Recognised Contractor monitoring and auditing process and for no other purpose.

2.3   Recognised Contractor status is conferred in the name of the designated registered company only. This status cannot be transferred or used in conjunction with another company name or registered trademark unless approval has been agreed in writing by Wetherby Building Systems Ltd.

2.4   Inclusion on the Wetherby Recognised Contractor List is by no means a guarantee of being put forward for work.

3. Company Policies

3.1   The Recognised Contractor should have in place current documented policies covering:
– Health and Safety
– Quality Control
– Environmental issues
– Customer Care
– Complaint Handling
– Equal Opportunities

4. Approved Applicators

The Recognised Contractor must:
4.1   Advise the company of trainee Operatives and submit them for any training and assessment deemed necessary to fulfil their contractual obligations and carry out such additional training or retraining courses as appropriate.
4.2  Oversee and inspect all Operatives regularly and sufficiently to provide assurance of their continued competence and comply with the requirements of training within any third party Surveillance Scheme.
4.3   Withdraw an Operative from work where it is shown that an Operative no longer has the capability, intention or competence to undertake the installation of the system in the correct or safe manner.

5. Auditing & Continuous Monitoring

5.1   Wetherby Ltd reserves the right to make unannounced visits to any site on which the Recognised Contractor is installing Wetherby Ltd systems or products. The Recognised contractor must be willing to cooperate with and submit to any technical audits and/or assessments that Wetherby Ltd may deem necessary.

6. ECO / PAS2030 Requirements

6.1   All Recognised Contractors must take full responsibility in meeting their own obligations when working on any project governed by any ECO / Green Deal / GDHIF / PAS2030 Surveillance Scheme and maintain appropriate Quality Control records including photographic evidence as outlined in the relevant Codes of Practice.

7. Status Revocation

7.1   Inclusion of any Contractor on the Wetherby Recognised Contractor List is wholly at the discretion
of the Wetherby Ltd Board of Directors. Wetherby Ltd reserves the right to remove any company from the Recognised contractor list at any time and for any reason it deems appropriate.
7.2   Failure to carry out any installation works in accordance with the appropriate Wetherby Building Systems Ltd appropriate specification and in line with all associated quality control and warranty obligations will result in removal from the Recognised Contractor list.
7.3   Wetherby Ltd may at its sole discretion revoke the status of a Recognised Contractor at any time where the company/individual has:

– Refused to submit to regular ongoing WIP technical monitoring by a member of the Wetherby site supervisory team.
– Failed to satisfy the requirements of any third party Surveillance or Quality Assurance framework.
– Enters into a voluntary agreement with their creditors.
– Consistently fails to pay debts in a timely manner.
– Ceases or threatens to cease business in the External Wall Insulation market.
– Brings the name of the company into disrepute.

8. Status Reinstatement

Contractors who have either been refused Recognised Contractor status following an unsuccessful application, or who have had their status revoked for any reason whatsoever will be ineligible to re submit or appeal for a period of six months from date of rejection/revocation.