Epsicoat Stone Render


Wetherby’s NEW Epsicoat Stone Render range offers a unique alternative, matching the appearance of stone at a fraction of the price. Epsicoat Stone Render consists of a selection of specialist thin coat, renders that offer a remarkable real stone look along with a quick and easy application.


Epsicoat Stone Render comes in two forms; one for ‘Spray’ application, with a suitable spray machine and one for ‘Trowel’ application.


Trowel Application


A smooth polished finish applied by trowel. Creating a hammer finished stone appearance.

Spray Application


Applied by a suitable spray machine; building up layers to create a more textured coarse finish.

Epsicoat Stone Render can also be used to replicate the aesthetic appearance of stone block work.



This can be achieved by scoring the desired pattern into the basecoat, then using the Stone Render ‘spray’ system to apply the stone look finish over the recessed joints. Joints can then be smoothed over to provide the desired look.


Epsicoat Stone Render is available in a range of 8 standard colours, in both Trowel & Spray form; Incorporating some of the popular British stones.


S: Spray Finish
T: Trowel Finish

Stone Rended Colour Range - Perryfield Whitbed, Cotswold Cream, Callow, Skipton Stone, Country Stone, Buff Stone

Please note: Stone Render colours are on a 6 week lead time.

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