Mineral Render

Mineral renders reduce the formation of a water film on the surface, allowing them to dry much quicker.

Wetherby HECK ED is a traditional mineral render suitable for manual or mechanical applications.
Arriving pre blended in 25kg sacks – simply add water.

The standard off-white finish is reminiscent of a traditional monocouche facade and can be finished using one to two coats of Rajasil SHF (SREP) or Rajasil SIF (silicate masonry paint), which is available in a range of colours.

EpsiCoat HECK ED render is:

  • highly permeable to water vapour and CO2
  • water-resistant
  • offers enhanced strength
  • easy to apply


DOWNLOAD HECK BROCHURE (German Version Only) >>>


Main Number
01942 717 100

Technical Hotline
0800 107 32 99

Samples Hotline
0800 107 32 88